Weekly Status 2007-04-27

(A little bit late…)

This Week

  • Published GPlv3 comments
  • Finalised secure procedure for root certificate checkin
  • Confirmed that the Mozilla Foundation will be sponsoring an unfunded SoC proposal to add “show as a colourblind person would see it” support to Web Developer Toolbar, and perhaps one other
  • Participated in teleconference about latest CA/Browser Forum EV draft
  • Finalised public domain dedication text for small code snippets and testcases
  • Joined W3C HTML Working Group
  • Took Thursday off to do Inland Waterways Helmsman’s Certificate

Next Week

  • Travel to Mountain View on Monday, then on to Toronto on Saturday
  • Tuesday and Wednesday in Mozilla office
  • Thursday and Friday at CA/Browser Forum meeting
  • Review current EV draft guidelines and Mozilla comments in preparation for meeting

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