Weekly Status 2007-06-01

This Week

  • Drafted a document outlining how a “CABForum Security Committee” might work (this is for reporting attempts to fraudulently obtain certificates, in order to reinforce the guidelines) and presented it to the group
  • Resolved discussion about putting country-specific restrictions on CAs; we’re not going to take this route
  • Published a list of stale reviews; wrote a back-end simple data storage system so that people could collaborate on checking bugs off the list
  • Further discussions about Link Fingerprints implementation in the newsgroups
  • Another full pass through all 26 CA root cert inclusion applications
  • Call with Sun people about LDAP C SDK documentation relicensing for devmo
  • Call with NSS team about the schedule for EV implementation in NSS

Next Week

  • I am travelling around the UK all week (Durham, Scarborough, Edinburgh and Cumbria), but I intend that this nomadic lifestyle won’t affect my work
  • Book conference passes for OSCON and Ubuntu Live (waiting on a fix to their website so that the booking process is actually secure)

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