Weekly Status 2007-06-15

This Week

  • Canonicalised the names of the open l10n help bugs, to help us see what we have
  • Commented on list of possible new modules and updated it
  • Rewrote mozilla.org licensing pages for clarity, relevance and conciseness
  • Updated CABForum Security Committee document draft
  • Reviewed multiple iterations of potential Places UI
  • Another full pass through the CA applications
  • Moved the four CAs who have made it through to the list of included CAs
  • Watched video of dbaron talking about layout
  • Started project for mass rename/move of Bugzilla products and components to make it fit current project structure

Next Week

  • Further work on l10n bugs, once Axel/Mic have worked out what to say
  • More work on b.m.o. reorganisation; this is probably going to take a few weeks
  • Develop component-moving script for Bugzilla

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