Genuine Disadvantage

I was helping a friend with a PowerPoint presentation the other day, and his embedded sounds just absolutely refused to play. No feedback or error messages, just failure. He needed it ASAP, and asked me to look at it. I tested the sound system – first by using the Control Panel, which worked, and then by trying to play an MP3 in Windows Media Player 11. It popped up a dialog telling me that I needed to confirm I had genuine Windows before it would play anything. Fortunately, we did have an available Internet connection, so could go through the process – but what would have happened if we hadn’t?

Yet another case of the “advantage” in Genuine Advantage not being the advantage of the user.

One thought on “Genuine Disadvantage

  1. your luck, i had a totally legit copy of windows killed by windows updates (that i had to validate my windows copy for, after i had already validated it 2 other times) only to have it kill my machine. did micro$ucks help? not in the least.

    i wonder when they will realize that there ‘advantage’ program just puts the real customers at a DISadvantage. perhaps it will take a better part of the customer base to boycott, to convert to linux (like me) or maybe to mac….or maybe to even, God forbid, see an influx of piracy. what-ever the case may be, i really hope they figure it out sooner then later….for there sakes not for mine, like i said i was smart and converted!