Biopsy Results

Just to round things off: I got the biopsy report from my surgeon a week or so ago. It’s the sort of document where you like seeing words like “unremarkable”, “uniform” and “without abnormality”. The headline news is that the tumour was 5.8cm across, but there was only one of it; nothing else they took out showed any evidence of metastasis (under 0.7cm breadslicing). He said that my liver will already have mostly grown back to the original size. I’m recovering well and feel better every day.

Apparently I have, or rather had, a very nice (“velvety and uniform”) gall bladder. The gall bladder is attached to the right lobe, so it had to come out too. However, I’m told that they aren’t essential, like electric windows or air conditioning, and so I should be fine without.

So we now return, at least for the moment, to your regularly scheduled programming. The future remains certain.

12 thoughts on “Biopsy Results

  1. Gerv: December 2006 I had my gall bladder out. Obviously this compares directly with all teh surgery you’ve had. After a couple weeks of my liver getting used to producing more bile all the time (since it can’t store any for fatty meals) I noticed zero difference in my life, other than a lack of excruciating pain. Apparently, however, having most of your liver removed, you had larger things to worry about that differently colored poo for a couple weeks.

    Gotta stop having things cut out of you though, there’s less and less of you every year! ;)

  2. Congrats on the “velvety and uniform gall bladder” that’s quite an accomplishment! I had a major organ removed last year, it’s no fun. I feel your pain man. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

    – Scott

  3. I don’t know you but i see the sincerity in your blogs and others comments. I pray the Love of God would fill your heart to overflowing proportions and that you will enjoy each day better than the last. The resilience of the human heart never stops to amaze me.

    In the past few years my mind has been flooded with arrows of deceit, confusion and instability.. Through this mountain climb i was expanded, stretched to limits unkown and in the stillness i became a spectator of beauty witnessing the unique design of God which is so vast no one could fill it yet we cram ourselves with the same destructive habits rather than reaching for the stars and crying out for purity and hope and having eyes full of wisdom understanding this life we live in is a huge puzzle with the smallest peices Atoms which we cannot see and the grand scheme is larger than we know Our significance is not related to others blurry perspective and existence is a large ocean full of crashing waves and calm tides..Having beauty intertwined elusive as it ever is waiting for our simple act of exploratory importance.

    Life has ripped me of everything i thought i knew to instruct me on the necessity of challenges. I am an overcomer, more than a conquerer, wild at heart never ending truth seeker. Only in the wilderness am i content With Hope and perseverance my guiding light the glow of GOd!

  4. Good to hear things are looking well. I was just reading about your content-restrictions idea and dropped by your blog.
    Best of luck!

  5. That’s good news indeed.

    Yeah, the gall bladder’s main function is to improve the efficiency of the digestive system, so living in a part of the world with a fundamental food surplus you should be alright without it. I know a couple of people who have had them out. You might find that changing your diet somewhat is desirable, but if they got all the cancer with it, that’s definitely an overall positive outcome. Indeed, the liver, even though they only took part of it out, is still a larger concern than the gall bladder, I would think. The liver… important. Pray that it does indeed grow back to full size and continue functioning normally.

  6. Gerv, Always been interested in your site because I am a Markham and Gervase was one of the earliest Markhams.

    I am always amazed by your spirit through all your battles. I wish I had your faith. Pleased to read the latest medical news was positive.

    Keep up the good fight!

  7. “Velvety uniform” makes me think of gold lace and red silk fringes. How picturesque, no?

    I’m very glad you’re mending efficiently.

  8. Gerv, its been a long time since we’ve crossed paths but I decided to drop in tonight.

    I think your faith is an inspiration and I thank you for choosing to share that light with the world.

    I pray that God keep you in continued physical health and show you miracles of faith every day.


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