Incompatible Addons

I’m very glad there’s a campaign going on to get addon authors to upgrade their addons for Firefox 3. However, it still has some way to go; my list is currently split as follows:


  • Customise Google
  • DOM Inspector
  • Facebook Image-to-Email
  • Flashblock
  • Fullerscreen
  • Greasemonkey
  • Nightly Tester Tools


  • Aardvark
  • AutoAuth
  • Download Statusbar
  • Firebug
  • Highlight Focus
  • Link Alert
  • Link Checker
  • Live HTTP Headers
  • Tamper Data
  • User Agent Switcher
  • Web Developer
  • Zotero


  • Long Titles

17 thoughts on “Incompatible Addons

  1. Unfortunately there have been authors who have heeded the call to upgrade their addons for Firefox 3, only to feel betrayed when recent nightlies broke their extensions (again). Perhaps the left hand should talk to the right hand before making incompatible changes with the potential to break many extensions this close to a final release? Thanks.


  2. Phil: I don’t know about that, but I agree that if it’s happened, it sucks. Can you be more specific about what the change was, and what extensions were affected?

    Bill: That’s great, but it doesn’t help someone who doesn’t want to go and seek out the development site for all of their addons. As I see it, if the version isn’t on a.m.o, then it’s not much use. (Of course, the fact that it’s not on a.m.o. could be entirely not the fault of the extension author…)


  3. I’ve submitted an updated AutoAuth with FF3 and TB2 compatibility to AMO. I had forgotten that it is hosted there, since I’ve been hosting my more recent extensions on my website to avoid the black hole that is the AMO review queue.

  4. This surely isn’t the first time that extension-breaking changes have been made at a late date and it probably won’t be the last.

    This (and the fact that Addons won’t accept compatibility with “3.0.*” yet) is why I always wait for the RC builds to come out before I make any kind of concerted effort to release updates other than on my homepage.

    I sure hope those id changes are backed out, otherwise I’m going to have to pull the updates I’ve completed already and re-release them.

  5. Hi Gerv!

    Just seen in #addons:

    Tomcat> hi, anyone noticed that in the latest nightly the yahoo toolbar is no longer able to be displayed ?
    as is every other toolbar… so i’m sure everyone noticed


  6. The extensions I am currently missing most in Firefox 3 (MineField) are Sage for quick feed reading and Gmail Manager for quick access to Gmail. I actually only use the latter for login in to my email. Perhaps a bookmark will also do. I could try that for now.

    Also I heard that the major tab-extension do not work yet: TBP, TMP.

  7. The Web Developer toolbar is a blocker for me personally. Without that, the new version may as well not exist. That’s a pretty major extension, though, so I suspect it will probably be updated before too long.

    Beyond that, the other ones I would most want to know about would be Nuke Anything Enhanced and Image Zoom, both of which I use on a *VERY* regular basis. Frankly I can’t imagine why image zoom capability (or a whole-page zoom, or some equivalent) isn’t just a standard feature of _all_ browsers. I mean, I know in 1995 everybody had the same 640×480 resolution, so you saw very nearly what the web developer saw, barring a difference in physical monitor size, but quite frankly it’s not 1995 any more. Being able to zoom the text is nice and all, but, you know, some websites have images too. (Indeed, as you know if you think about it, most of the images on the web *are* images of text, and they can be hard to read if your dpi figure is significantly higher than the webmaster’s.) Of course, different people have different ideas about which extensions are super-critical. I’ve actually heard people say they can’t live without adblock, which seems really odd to me; I trained my eyes to look past advertisements without reading them decades ago (as long as they don’t blink and flash, but that’s what Flashblock and image.animation.mode are for).

    And yeah, the time period after most things are frozen before official release (which can include the entire release candidate period, I should think) does need to be long enough to give extension developers at *least* a couple of weeks to get their final versions ready.

    There’s nothing worse than “upgrading” only to find out you’ve lost features that you used heavily. You know, like the “upgrade” from Gnome 1.4 to 2.0, boy did that ever hurt — I *still* miss some of the 1.4 features to this day. Yet that’s effectively what happens to people when extensions don’t get updated for the new version of the browser. People who download beta versions can put up with it (because, you know, it’s _beta_ software), but ideally you’d like to see a bare minimum of that by the time of the final release.

  8. Martijn: All Gmail notifier extensions are currently broken for at least two reasons: (1) Gmail 2.0 has a different API. (2) Recent changes to the nightlies broke just about all toolbar and status bar extensions.

    Sage: It appears to be semi-orphaned. No updates in their CVS for ages. I’ve patched it and got it working (mostly) on SeaMonkey trunk but this is only possible because SM isn’t yet using Places in place of the old bookmark system.

    Jonadab: Image Zoom is redundant since this functionality (full page zoom) is now built in.


  9. Sage please!!!

    And Live HTTP Headers!!!

    God, I love Firefox.

    … what was the plugin that let you right click on a page and view that element in the DOM Inspector? I forgot it’s name :-(


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