Happy “Run Some Old Web Browsers” Day

jwz has resurrected home.mcom.com, the homepage of The Mosaic Communications Corporation (later Netscape) from 10 years ago. How cool is that? He provides details of how he did it and instructions for running the original Netscape releases on modern OSes. They need a proxy because they don’t understand HTTP 1.1 and, on Linux at least, a load of old libraries.

5 thoughts on “Happy “Run Some Old Web Browsers” Day

  1. Simon: I’ve not been a recipient of jwz’s request, and I’m not the right person to fix it myself (don’t have the access). I wonder exactly who he contacted? I’m not immediately sure who he means by “Harvey”, and Brendan and Mitchell are the web’s two busiest people. But he seems to have got a response out of someone.

    I’m sure it can’t be too hard, and I assume it would be the responsibility of server ops to help him out.

  2. Anyone feel like making a virtual machine image of these so us lamers who don’t want to trash a live PC can play with them? :)

  3. Gerv, Harvey is MoCo’s General Council. He joined us about 6 weeks ago. He used to work with Mitchell at Netscape in the old old days.

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