Summer of Code 2008

The Google Summer of Code 2008 has been launched, and the Mozilla Project intends to submit a request to take part again. This requires us to produce a list of suitable projects in the next two weeks.

As last year, we are collecting ideas for Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Seamonkey, Bugzilla and L10n. If you have a proposal, head over to the Brainstorming page. Please read the instructions at the top – following them vastly increases your chances of your idea getting added to the formal Ideas page.

Note that ideas need to have a suitable mentor. So if you submit an idea and you aren’t available to or suitable to mentor it, you may want to go about trying to find one by politely emailing experienced hackers in the appropriate areas of the code.

6 thoughts on “Summer of Code 2008

  1. Gerv, any reason why you didn’t mention the Calendar Project here or is this just, because we didn’t participate last year? Right now, we’re collecting possible student projects, so it would be great if we could participate as well under the Mozilla umbrella.

  2. Simon: No reason; I just reproduced the list from last year. I see no reason why Calendar shouldn’t be included. I’ll add it to the wiki page.


  3. Gervase,
    Do we have any statistics on last year’s GSOC projects for Mozilla?
    Do we know:
    – how many projects were submitted,
    – how many were approved, and
    – what percentage of those approved projects actually delivered results and
    received their remuneration?

    I think it would be good to set our expectations in line with past reality.


  4. Hello,
    I am just wondering if Google Summer of Code is a recruiting program? I am sure Google will use the results of the program to help identify potential recruits, right? What will be the next step?
    Thank you!

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