Highly Hairy Heron

Ubuntu Hardy Heron is to be released soon. Last week, I upgraded my X40 laptop to the beta and found it wouldn’t boot (at least, not the default kernel). I duly filed a bug with diagnostics, which has now been untouched for almost a week.

The low level of attention to “your OS hosed my machine” bugs, right before a release, is rather concerning…

3 thoughts on “Highly Hairy Heron

  1. I can’t really poke fun at them because I run Gentoo which has a running joke of broken install CDs. :(

    Maybe Ubuntu should take an idea from them and make the installation not depend on the livecd, so that it’ll run from any working livecd/distro? Or from windows…

  2. The beam is in thine own eye? ;-)

    Well, I’m exaggerating, but for me the browser has become the operating system, so a hung browser is pretty debilitating.
    I reported this FF3 bug 2 months ago: Bug 415986, people have responded, but as far as I can see no progress has been made.

    If you have FF3, a Mac and Firebug then two-lines of HTML will hang your browser:

    <body onload=”debugger”>
    <img src=””>

    This makes FF3 pretty un-usable for Mac web-developers :-(

  3. I’ve experienced the same thing several times. Ubuntu’s bug tracker is a black hole. Bugs sit around for years without any progress.

    (I’ve also seen this somewhat with Mozilla, but nowhere near the degree I see it with Ubuntu.)

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