Firefox 3 / Mozilla 10th Anniversary Parties

The Mozilla project has a long and distinguished history of holding global distributed parties to celebrate major events in the project’s life, including at the South Pole.

I’m pleased to say that we are doing this again – is now open for business, for booking parties to celebrate the release of Firefox 3 and also Mozilla’s 10th anniversary. There are 183 at the time of writing; last time, we got up to 389, so it would be good to have even more than that.

When’s a good day? shaver suggests July 1st, but then he’s Canadian. The London party will be June 19th. Sign up now!

3 thoughts on “Firefox 3 / Mozilla 10th Anniversary Parties

  1. Aha, I’m supposed to click “View Map” at the top. I wish the map link were more obvious than the link to the full list of parties.

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