New Committer’s Agreement

We’ve just published version 2.0 of the Mozilla Committer’s Agreement[0] (PDF), which used to be the CVS Contributor Form. This is the document everyone signs in order to get permission to check in to our repositories. There’s a FAQ about the new version. Among the changes are:

  • Generalise to all SCMs and accounts;
  • Agreement is now with the Mozilla Foundation, a real legal entity;
  • Information on permitted licences has been updated;
  • …and various other tweaks to match current practice.

We would like all existing Committers to sign a copy of the new agreement. Details of what to do are in the FAQ, but if you are coming to the Firefox Summit, there’ll be an opportunity there and we’d actually prefer it if you wait. Less hassle all around.

If you aren’t coming, there’s no rush at the moment, so add it to your ToDo list. After the Summit (which is at the end of July) we’ll be chasing people who haven’t filled one in yet.

If people have questions, they can email me, or start a discussion in mozilla.governance.

[0] Yes, we had the apostrophe discussion. My current view is that it’s each copy is an agreement for a single committer, and so the apostrophe goes before the S.

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  1. The link from the changelog to the pdf (‘final version’) is broken – I fixed it

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