Party Eye Candy

The venue for the Firefox 3 Launch Party, London has a big screen. I want to do some Mozilla-related eye candy which can run during the party. And perhaps other party hosts do too.

There was an early (this one?) where they did a cool super-fast green-screen scrolling syntax-highlighted code thing. I have written this script (Perl; requires enscript; run it in your top-level Mozilla directory), which produces a similar effect, and anyone is welcome to use it. I’ve also used Flickr Downloadr to download the T-Shirt photoset, and can make a slideshow out of those. But it would also be nice to have some Firefox-based cool web tech demos.

Anyone got any good ideas? Ideally, animated stuff that will run and run.

30 minutes to go until launch! :-)

Update: Anyone who wants to run the Download Counter full-screen on a 1024×768 machine (like my laptop) may appreciate this Greasemonkey userscript.

One thought on “Party Eye Candy

  1. The scrolling code was a nice touch. Good job organising, I had fun.

    See you at the firefox 4 launch!

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