Signing the New Committer’s Agreement

We recently updated the Mozilla Committer’s Agreement, and are looking to get current contributors to sign the new version. One important change is that it’s now a real agreement with an actual legal entity – the Mozilla Foundation.

So all Firefox Summit attendees who have CVS, SVN or Hg accounts (which will be most of you) will be asked to sign the new Committer’s Agreement during the Summit registration process. (This is because it’s a very convenient time to catch people.) You will be asked to sign it even if you have not signed the old agreement; we have decided that it’s best if everyone with a source control account completes one.

Please review it now and email me if you have any questions. There is a FAQ and a summary of changes from the original agreement which you may find useful.

Everyone else, feel free to review the agreement but please wait before submitting forms. In a month or two we hope to have an electronic system which will make this easier for everyone involved. (If this doesn’t pan out, we’ll fall back to paper, but for now, hold your fire.)

6 thoughts on “Signing the New Committer’s Agreement

  1. Gerv: I just noticed you’re calling it the “Contributor’s Agreement”. Once more, it’s the “*Committer’s* Agreement” :-)

    Jesse: The Committer’s Agreement is an agreement between the Foundation and particular individuals, and is independent of the individuals’ particular employment arrangements. If a committer working at MoCo were to leave and go somewhere else, all other things being equal they would still have commit rights and the Committer’s Agreement they signed would still be in force.

  2. Hey Gerv, I commented on newsgroup in this thread too and have not seen a response.

    When do you expect to want us non-attended-summit folks to sign and submit the agreement? Should I just keep watch on the news before worrying about it and keep working off my old agreement for now?

    [If reply is here and not newsgroups, can you please e-mail me a note that it is here]

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