6 thoughts on “IE 8’s “Please Break My Website” Button

  1. I love this part:
    “But wait, a lot of people say at this point, why isn’t this a problem for Firefox, or Safari, or any other browser? The answer is that developers of many sites had worked around many of the shortcomings or outright errors in IE6, and now expected IE7 to work just like IE6. Web developers expected us, for example, to maintain our model for how content overflows its box, even in “standards mode,” even though it didn’t follow the specification – because they’d already made their content work with our model.”

  2. Sigh. (As for the quote from the aforementioned comment, if they actually fixed all the bugs, that should not be a problem. As conditional comments for instance would simply no longer work.)

  3. [about the second link]
    It’s nice to present that with a capture of ie8 showing msdn page and the compatibility bubble..

  4. Individ-ewe-al: A lot of people in the Mozilla community have blogged about it already; I don’t really have anything to add. (I know that doesn’t stop a lot of bloggers :-), but it stops me.) Basically: more competition is good; it’s a load of smart people; they’ve got a lot of work ahead of them to deliver on their promises; extensions rock and it’s not obvious how they can have them. :-)

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