7 thoughts on “Nanny State

  1. While I appreciate your point, I doubt there’s a party in the UK which would be against that sort of legislation.

  2. The regulations are designed to protect poor families in large houses from dodgy landlords with dodgy properties. As such, it’s a good thing.

  3. JD: the regulations don’t apply to “poor families in large houses”, unless there are multiple families sharing the same house. I agree that protecting such situations from dodgy landlords is a good thing, but I disagree that legislation which makes it illegal for me to leave my bedroom door open is the correct way to go about it.

  4. Gerv the rules are there to protect the poor from exploitation. maybe you should stick to software and leave politics to someone else.

  5. Ed – what a condescending and arrogant point of view. I can take one of two things out of your comment; 1) You believe politicians only should be allowed to make laws, without the burden of input from their constituents, or 2) You have a different opinion than Gerv on the matter, and subsequently believe that his opinion should not matter or count.

    As to protecting the poor from exploitation, I believe that was a primary cause for the Bolsheviks.

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