Bugmail Extension for Thunderbird

Dear lazyweb,

It would be great to have an extension for Thunderbird to help with bugmail.

For example, I often come to a bugmail and want to know what the current state of the bug is. Obviously, some info like the bug number and the title are already available from the mail. But it would be very cool if there was an extension which got the record for the bug from Bugzilla in real time then added a bar at the top of the mail which said e.g.:

Firefox / General | RESOLVED FIXED | Assignee: gerv@mozilla.org

or something like that. I often look at older bugmail and ask myself “Did I sort this out?” If the bug is now RESOLVED, I can say “yes, I did” and delete the mail without having to load the bug, switch to my browser, view it, see it’s RESOLVED, switch back and delete the mail.

Can someone write one, please? :-)

6 thoughts on “Bugmail Extension for Thunderbird

  1. I’m writing an expository extension for TB trunk builds that will have a bugzilla account type. Once I get that finished, you can take it and hack off of that to get what you want.

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