The All New Gecko BugAThon

I first got involved in the Mozilla Project, nearly nine years ago now, via the original Gecko BugAThon, an effort to create reduced testcases for rendering bugs. I still have the two green stuffed dinos which I won through diligent testcase creation.

I’m pleased to note that we have revived the BugAThon, and you can now win the modern equivalent of a stuffed green dino – a Firefox plushie :-)

  • Experienced QA people: please add the testcase-wanted keyword to suitable bugs, to fuel the fire.
  • Potential New Contributors: get stuck in :-)

One thought on “The All New Gecko BugAThon

  1. There seems to be a distinct lack of testcase-wanted bugs, and browsing through the components to find a bug needing attention seems to be a particular inefficient use of time. The queries underlying them probably can be improved a bit still by filtering out bugs which have patches attached – but even then I’d suspect it’d still feel like a mostly futile exercise…

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