Walk, Don’t Run…

…down to the Mozilla International Store, where the ultra-cool “Internet By The People, For The People” Mozilla Foundation t-shirts are now available to those outside the US at the somewhat odd price of £8.09. Presumably that’s a conversion of $12.99 or something (or, the way our currency is going, a conversion of $5.50).

OK, so the cultural reference isn’t as strong for us, but it’s still a great slogan :-)

3 thoughts on “Walk, Don’t Run…

  1. Well, Google’s conversion puts it at $11.77(-ish) which would indicate a likely price of $11.99. Switching the site over to USD gives a price of $15.90. If I order in GBP will they still ship to the US? :)

  2. Or it’s trying to be the same price in both currencies, but is still using an exchange rate from back when the pound was worth something?

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