7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

<mumble> <grumble> Internet memes <mumble>

I got tagged by Zak:

  1. I’ve visited every post box in the N14 postcode (there are 44).
  2. From ages 8 to 23, I never lived more than six months in the same place (boarding schools, a very busy gap year, university).
  3. I have been awarded a RYA Competent Crew certificate. Unfortunately, it was endorsed “Tall Ships Only”.
  4. I have over 3 feet of scars on my body. All are iatrogenic. This is why.
  5. I’m very keen on the London Underground. I competed in a contest to see who could get round all the stations in Zone 1 in the fastest time. One day, for fun, I’d like to try and do them all in a day (there are currently 268 of them).
  6. I was probably one of the last British people in the world to find out that Princess Diana had died. On the day it happened, I was crossing a pass in the high Himalayas. We only found out when we returned to Leh, the capital of the area, two weeks later.
  7. I started contributing to Mozilla due to a comment on Slashdot.

However, the madness must end, so I’m not going to tag anyone else.

3 thoughts on “7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Thanks Gerv!

    For my part, I’ve really enjoyed reading the 7 things posts (even if they are madness. :) I even learned a new word today (iatrogenic), though I can’t think that I’ll ever need to use it.

    Be well! –zak

  2. Interesting reading!

    Postboxing sounds like a vague urban version of letter boxing…

    The Tube is awesome. I was really lucky a couple of years ago to wangle a trip right up front with the driver on the Northern line and a peak at the software which ran the line itself – it was, scarily, run from IE6.

  3. Yeah.

    The first time I was “tagged” for one of these things, I participated fully, in honor of the fact that it was the first time I’d seen the phenomenon on the web. (I had, of course, seen it in email since circa 1994.) I stated, at the time, that I would do this one time only.

    The second time I didn’t “tag” anyone. If it goes past five or six times, or if the nature of the instructions becomes too inane, I will cease participation altogether.

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