Summer Of Code 2009

I can’t find an official announcement and there’s no 2009 website yet, but I’m pretty sure the Google Summer of Code is running again this year. Leslie just gave a talk all about it at FOSDEM; I was very upset to have to leave to get a train home 3/4 of the way through. (FOSDEM seems to have run a bit later this year.)

So, Mozilla community members, please visit the Brainstorming page and, after having read and carefully considered the Ground Rules, put down ideas for Summer of Code projects. Ideas where you are willing to mentor, or where you have found someone who is, are much more likely to make it to the Approved Ideas page.

If last year’s timetable is anything to go by, we have about a month before we have to submit our organizational application to take part, and at that point we have to have a well-filled, vibrant ideas list. So please take five minutes to think through what students could usefully do in your area of the project.

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