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Via an old post on BoingBoing, I just came across the AirPower wiki, which lists the locations of power outlets in airports. Very handy. However, the wiki software used doesn’t require logins, so it has been vandalised hundreds of times over the past few years.

I’ve restored one of the last known good versions, but I don’t expect it to last. Does anyone know anywhere appropriate that this information could live where it would be protected, loved, cherished and maintained?

2 thoughts on “Information, Free To Good Home

  1. Gervase, I suggest asking around the FlyerTalk forums (after searching there for relevant previous discussions).

    That said, I happened across your blog after searching for information about Web-forum-to-Usenet gateways and finding your discussion about the Mozilla groups. I agree that it’s terribly frustrating to deal with all these disparate forums when Usenet would work so much better. People in your previous discussion compared to public adoption of Web-based e-mail, but I think they didn’t look at the way I do: that a better comparison would be a hypothetical situation in which in order to read e-mail from people who use one Web-based service, you’d have to log into that service’s Web site.

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