Kent James on Getting Started with Mozilla

This deserves a wider audience:

By the way, is there any tutor program to start programming for mozilla?
.. It would be great to have someone that introduces the basic things.

I’m someone who has gone in a period of two years from knowing nothing
to being a serious back end contributor, so let me comment on how I see
this happening from my own experience. …

One thought on “Kent James on Getting Started with Mozilla

  1. The Extending Mozilla or How to Do the Impossible Johnny and I wrote back in 1999 still has some relevance. I think the best piece of advice in that doc is in section 2.1, which basically says: know what you want, stay focused, and depending on what you want to accomplish, trace how data flows through the system. If/when someone writes a new document like this it will be interesting to compare how things have changed.

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