Accepted SoC 2009 Projects

The Mozilla list of Google Summer of Code projects for 2009 was recently published. Apologies to anyone who didn’t make it – we had many excellent applications this year, and are in fact pursuing the direct funding of some which were just off the list. The projects are:

  • nsIProcess2: A new interface to support piping in Mozilla (calling external programs)
  • Integrate some or all of Greasemonkey, Stylish, Bespin, Google Gadgets, Webchunks and IE8 Accelerators into Ubiquity
  • Message Filter UI Overhaul for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird
  • Updating Camino’s Address Bar (autocomplete, AwesomeBar function)
  • Improving the Register Allocator of TraceMonkey
  • HTC “click wheel” integration into Fennec
  • Transferring web pages over rsync (or other delta protocol)
  • Improve IT’s GeoDNS infrastructure with resource weighting
  • Implement new EcmaScript 3.1 features in Rhino
  • Automated Duplicate Detection for Bugzilla

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the students achieve this year :-)

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