Politician Keeps Promise Shock

The news media and the public were bowled over in surprise last night as a politician kept a previous promise he had made.

The politician’s office was quick to assure journalists that this was in no way meant to set a precedent, and that normal service would be resumed shortly.

One thought on “Politician Keeps Promise Shock

  1. You know, I was just involuntarily listening to people the other day whining about how that would have been such an easy promise to keep, why on earth would he BREAK it. The specific complaint, IIRC, was that the promise was to adopt/rescue a dog from a shelter (humane society or cetera); the contention was that the dog he’d actually got was an expensive fancy purebred from the same outfit that supplies the Kennedy family. Personally I wasn’t paying close attention to either the promise or the actual dog — that’s not an issue that I would exactly consider to be of vital importance to the nation — but the people I overheard were pretty disgusted with him.

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