Free Mozilla (And Other) Books

Own a piece of Mozilla history! The following books are available free to a good home, although their value is probably more nostalgic than technical now:

  • Mozilla Source Code Guide by Stanek (Netscape Press, 1999). “Your official guide to the open source version of Netscape Communicator.” The bonus CD-ROM isn’t there, but I may have it somewhere.
  • Creating Applications with Mozilla by Boswell, King, Oeschger, Collins and Murphy (O’Reilly, 2002). Autographed and dedicated by one of the authors.
  • Rapid Application Development with Mozilla by McFarlane (Prentice Hall, 2004). “A must-have read for anyone interested in learning to build sophisticated applications with the Mozilla application framework” – Mitchell Baker. ;-)

In the non-Mozilla pile, we have:

All are in very good condition. I’m moving house reasonably soon, and I have to have less stuff, so I’m prioritizing books which I have some chance of reading in the future. If no-one wants them, I’m afraid it’s the recycling bin. :-(

8 thoughts on “Free Mozilla (And Other) Books

  1. I’ll take ‘GUI Bloopers – Do’s and Don’ts for Software Developers and Web Designers’ and ‘Mozilla Source Code Guide’ if no one else gets there first…

  2. If the “Linux Pocket Guide” is still available I could make good use of it.

  3. Those who have claimed books, please email me their addresses. By default, you’ll get surface mail, so I hope you are patient :-) If you want air mail, you can donate the difference to MoFo and I’ll do that instead. Let me know in the email if you want to go that route.

    Asrail: are low value gifts really subject to shipping taxes in your country?

  4. As I am currently tasked with writing a term paper on the Mozilla Architecture, I think that I could use the second and third items on your list (I already have the NS/M Source Code Guide). Of course, I will gladly compensate you for the shipping expenses — I’ll send my postal address per e-mail right away.

  5. The Mozilla Source Code guide would definitely help, as well as creating apps and rapid app development if they’re going free?

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