More Memorabilia

greenmoz.jpgWay back in 2000, when I first got involved with Mozilla, I did it via the original Bugathon. (Here‘s the new, up-to-date, currently running version.)

One of the prizes was a green stuffed Moz, which you can see in the poor camera-phone photo (I don’t own a digital camera) to the right. They are actually a nice bright green, with a purple body and blue “spikes” along the back. He actually looks pretty similar to this picture. I won two. Now two is one more than I need, so the first person to email me their address can have the other one :-) Again, donate the cost of the postage to the MoFo.

Another prize I won was a Netscape t-shirt, autographed by Rick G, “father of Gecko”, himself. (See the original reward scheme here.) I think I disposed of that a little while ago…

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