Gerv Status 2009-06-18

I plan to post a status document like this each week from now on.

This Week

  • Call with Mitchell and Mark on governance project
  • Created list of priorities – first focus on things related to commit access, as people are already thinking about them
  • Long call with reed about technical aspects of various issues
  • Participated in discussions in mozilla.governance

  • Continued discussion, of which there was a lot – this occupied the bulk of the week
  • Continued to update wiki page based on feedback
  • Things seem to be simmering down now

  • Gave careers presentation at my old school – all Friday
  • Mentored SoC student

Next Week

  • Wrap up Bugzilla discussions and attempt to prioritize issues
  • Make proposals on various governance issues to governance newsgroup
  • Call with David to discuss our OSCON presentation

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