Gerv Status 2009-06-26

This Week


  • Discussion has now been wrapped up or taken to email
  • Triaged a few bugs filed against b.m.o. to get a feel for the space
  • Need to do more work on the issues list

  • Tuesday off to finish moving house
  • Wrapped up the Bugzilla 500,000 bug sweepstake
  • Reviewed and commented on CSP spec
  • Started work on talk for OpenTech 2009
  • Updated credits.html with backlog of requests, in preparation for release
  • Mentored SoC students
    • Pedro is trying to grok liveHTTPheaders
    • Seulki is working on a plan

Next Week

  • Make sure sweepstake winners get their prizes
  • Call with David to discuss our OSCON presentation
  • Finish OpenTech presentation

3 thoughts on “Gerv Status 2009-06-26

  1. I guess I should have posted my comments here, not on the other page…

    Making the name of this person blink is a cute little geeky wink but it goes against the spirit of “about:credits” where everybody, like in a commune and regardless of their contributions, is displayed the same. There are so many pieces of technology that were implemented for the first time ever by a Mozilla contributor. Why giving such a prominence to the blink tag? What about the Table guy? The Javascript guy? What about me? I spent countless hours on something as stupid as getting the H1-H7 font aspect ratios right in strict and quirks mode on the Mac. Can I have my name in H2? (please don’t) Should we display everybody’s name in a size proportional to the number of lines of code they have contributed like a tag cloud? But then what about folks like mtoy and tara who probably never checked in anything but contributed in an unforgettable way? It’s a can of worms we might not want to open.

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