Dopplr or TripIt?

Where’s the action these days? I’m currently on Dopplr but have had TripIt invitations. Where are most people in the Mozilla community? A particular one, or both? I hear TripIt parses your emails from Expedia (which Mozilla uses) and other such places, which would be a time-saver. But migrating everything over would be a pain. I guess this is my first experience of potential social networking data migration anxiety. Open data FTW!

Please declare interests such as board seats or shares ;-)

One thought on “Dopplr or TripIt?

  1. I’m on both, but don’t use either too deeply so can not give you any well informed advice. TripIt are now introducing a Pro version ( for ~$50, which may shut out non-paying users from some useful features. I am not sure if Dopplr has something similar in the works.

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