Gerv Status 2009-07-03

This Week

  • Careful comments on fligtar’s proposal for changing the AMO sandbox model
  • Started looking at the issue of whether we have private mailing lists which shouldn’t be private
  • Worked with harvey on streamlining procedure for e-signing Committer’s Agreements
  • Mitchell resolved weekly update meeting move discussion; will now be 11am Monday

  • Summarised where we are so far
  • Call with justdave about b.m.o. update procedure, technical feasibility of various plans

  • Watched Firefox 3.5 release process with admiration
  • Updated Firefox Language coverage data for 3.5 and reblogged it
  • Finished OpenTech presentation (nearly)
  • Mentored SoC students:
    • Pedro has written a plan which looks very good, and will start implementation this weekend
    • Am working with Seulki to redefine the scope, as the original idea is looking difficult

Next Week

  • OpenTech 2009 presentation on the Open Internet (Saturday)
  • Firefox Launch Party, London (Monday)
  • Make sure sweepstake winners get their prizes
  • Wednesday off to prepare summer Bible studies
  • Try and unblock some issues now people are not swamped with Firefox 3.5

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