Party Favours

If you are hosting a Firefox 3.5 launch party at a venue with a projector or big screen (as we did last night in London), you may want to show demos or other eye candy. The Party Page, newly updated for Firefox 3.5, has links to a number of fun demos, toys and other party-related goodies which might come in handy. Do email me or comment here if you have more things to add.

Incidentally, we need to work on our “Save Page As… (complete)” feature. I didn’t expect to have Internet access, so was trying to store 3.5-feature demos locally. And it mangled most of them by missing off background images, @font-face fonts, and so on. I note dbaron thinks this feature is broken-by-design. I’ve certainly had a lot more success with Zotero‘s page-saving features.

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