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I don’t own any Apple hardware, and I don’t run iTunes. But one part of this review of iTunes LP, Apple’s new HTML/JS/CSS multimedia experience album format for iTunes, struck me:

As a music fan, and as a web developer, I couldn’t be more pleased with the new iTunes LP offering. If your audience is significantly Apple-oriented (e.g. a site about Mac rumors or a popular iPhone app) this proves that you can provide an incredible experience using only JavaScript and some proposed CSS3 properties.

The visualizer is a fun way to watch your music. And impressive; a friend of mine asked, “Is that Flash?” I may learn a thing or two about CSS animation by diving into the code and I encourage you to as well.

That’s the web as an open platform, right there. The ability to “dive in and learn a thing or two” is what makes it great.

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  1. I enjoyed your song that you wrote about the white robe in 2006.
    I was searching for more information on the white robe. Because we often sing about wanting to receive a white robe but we are not aware of the cost of wearing the white robe. We must perform before it is giving and some of us may not be ready to comply to the action that is required to receive the white robe. Read Rev 6:10-11
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful song.
    May God Jehovah bless you in His work.

    Cleopat/ Texas

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