Spotify Invites?

Anyone got invites for Spotify? I’ve found a free software client for it and want to try it out using their day pass option (£0.99 for 24 hours). But:

You need to be logged in to order a day pass. You get can get an account by becoming invited by a friend or buying Premium.

Premium is the £9.99 a month option. So it looks like you can’t get a day pass without either first having bought at least one month pass or being invited…

5 thoughts on “Spotify Invites?

  1. AFAIK libspotify based clients only work with premium accounts. Use the Windows version with wine—it works just fine.

  2. Yeah, I just found that out :-( So I forked out for a Premium account anyway. It’s fine, but testify (the only GUI client I could find) could certainly use some work!


  3. You also have Jotify (, the Java client for Spotify, using a java port of the despotify library, and also the ncurses client example in the despotify ( package.

    I’m just testing out the HTTP-Gateway of Jotify which is, quote: “A standalone HTTP-Server including a simple Web-UI […]” that lets you stream and play music in an HTML5 Audio capable browser like Firefox. :-)

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