Stars In The Internet Firmament

I get mail on a number of contact email addresses Sometimes, people wrongly use these addresses to send support requests (for which I have a canned reply) or praise. Most of the praise is just “Wow, thanks!” but occasionally something comes in which is a bit out of the ordinary:

Dear dear guys and gals of Firefox s/w and bug fixes…


Thank you all for releasing me from the handcuffs, tyranny, vile and cat-o’-nine-tails of Microsoft Explorer and all its attendant BS, hype and unimaginable insane (and foreseeable!) problems!

In my heart and soul you are ALL heros (and hero-esses?!) and stars in the internet firmament !!!

May your light shine forever in the integalactic realm of truth, righteousness and ALL that is GOOD!

More power to your keyboarding souls and fingertips! :o)

Give yourselves (and/or each other [more fun, that!] :oD ) a great big hug!!!
(…or ‘high-fives’ if you’re not yet that close! LOL )

Bless you all – may your souls forever surf the infinite with brightness with freedom of spirit and goodness!

<name removed>

I’m off to shine a bit more light into the integalactic realm of truth and righteousness…

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