9 thoughts on “Browser Market Share Visualisation

  1. That is an awesome visualisation that I have not seen before. And the likeness is amusing :-) Would be good to see it updated from August 2009.

  2. Keep in mind that this is just the w3schools.com usage statistics, so it isn’t reflective of the Web overall. Still, it’s an amusing coincidence that it’s shaped like that.

  3. Perhaps the strangest thing about that graph is that they’ve chosen to position IE6 *between* IE7 and IE8. Normally you would expect 7 to be between 6 and 8.

    That, and for w3schools.com I would have expected the IE6 number to be lower and IE8 higher by mid 2009. The other ways in which the proportions differ from the web at large are roughly in line with my expectations for a site of that nature, but I would have expected the IE numbers to be significantly tilted toward current, and instead they appear to be tilted toward obsolete. Maybe I’m underestimating the relevance (to the composition of the site’s audience) of their VB tutorials, or something.

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