Disabling Inactive VCS Accounts

As part of good security hygiene, Mozilla IT will soon be disabling 650 ‘dormant’ accounts across our three VCS systems (SVN, Hg and CVS). ‘Dormant’ means, in this case, unused for the last 12 months.

We’ve done our best to make this determination correctly; however, there are a few edge cases which are hard to detect. So if you have problems with your account over the next few days, stop by #bmo on irc.mozilla.org. Or alternatively, file a bug in Server Ops with the second-to-top level of urgency. (I think the top one means people get paged.)

There is no intention here to inconvenience anyone or to suggest that people are no longer trusted; if you have an account which was deactivated for dormancy, and you want it to work again, just ask :-) It should happen very quickly.

2 thoughts on “Disabling Inactive VCS Accounts

  1. The top two severities both make it page the oncall sysadmin, actually. Blocker pages immediately when the bug is filed, and Critical pages if no one has taken ownership of the bug within 8 hours.

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