Find A Firefox

The prolific Simon Willison and a happy band of hackers squirrelled themselves away in a fort in October 2008 and built (MySociety site-naming style, perhaps because Matthew Somerville was one of the hackers involved.)

This means I can now point you at a list of places in the world you can go to see a Firefox (a.k.a. the red panda)!

If you know of Red Panda locations not on that list, you need to upload a photo of it to Flickr and follow the instructions in the FAQ. I’m off to add the one in Symbio Wildlife Gardens, Sydney, Australia.

6 thoughts on “Find A Firefox

  1. Well, too bad that this site doesn’t use browser-aware geolocation in order to retrieve the user location from the browser.

    (I’ve just added the nearest Firefox to my location)

  2. They’re missing some major zoos, like the Toronto Zoo where we actually have a sign on the pen.

    I guess they’ve just taken parks and zoos and catalogued what they have there?

  3. Lucy: I think the places listed are those that people have signed up to say that they’ve been; it’s not backed by a gazetteer of zoos. If you’ve been to Toronto Zoo and have photos, add them in :-)

  4. Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100113 Lightning/1.0b2pre SeaMonkey/2.0.3pre – Build ID: 20100113003503

    That link takes forever to load (hours); I had to close the tab. (I didn’t try adding “Firefox” to my UA to see if that site needs “evangelizing”.)

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