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It’s not possible to search Bugzilla for bugs where a particular flag has been set with no requestee. This means that people sometimes request e.g. review “from the wind” (as bugbot puts it) and no-one notices, so their patch sits there for ages, unloved.

Here is a Greasemonkey userscript which adds a “From the Wind” button at the bottom of buglist pages on Clicking that button (after a few seconds) trims the list down to only those bugs where “review” (on an attachment) or “approval” has been requested from the wind. (It does this by fetching the bug data from the API and doing the check itself.)

So if you search for all bugs in the relevant component or product with “review?”, and then click the button, it’ll trim that list down to all bugs with “review?” and no requestee.

Why not take a moment to do this in a product or component for which you have review responsibilities?

Why didn’t I use Jetpack? Because at the moment (Firefox 3.6b4, Jetpack 0.7) the authoring experience is really not good. The API documentation doesn’t even mention that it uses jQuery (which led to me thinking for a long time that it was missing huge chunks of function), the Bespin code window is way too small and non-resizable, using Ctrl-X/C/V cut-copy-paste scrolls the page to the top, errors appear in the Firebug on the Jetpack page rather than the web page itself, you have to keep clicking “Try out this code” and “clear” on the Firebug on both pages, and I can’t see how to step through the code using the debugger.

7 thoughts on “From The Wind

  1. Ironically we have no bug reports, bugzilla or otherwise, on jetpack + Firebug issues. So I guess it must work well enough for everyone else…


  2. I don’t think your effort was wasted, Gerv. BMO’s request.cgi script is limited to a single flag (e.g. review or superreview, not both) on a single product (NSS or NSPR, not both). I think your greasemonkey script may not be, although I haven’t gotten it to work yet.

    My real question, though, is: is there no hope of fixing bugzilla itself to be able to search for bugs (not requests) where the review request flag has no requestee?

  3. The greasemonkey script searches for any flag containing the word “review” or “approval” in the name, and will work on any buglist, including one across multiple products.

    As for fixing Bugzilla, anything is possible. :-)

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