MoFo Is Hiring

The MoFo team needs a web developer/sysadmin.

If you live somewhere between the longitudes of Los Angeles and Latvia, are seeking a new challenge, and are the sort of person who can apply brainpower to a wide variety of problems, then do check out the job ad and see if this might be for you. You’ll get to work on cool stuff which makes the web, and therefore the world, a better place. Much more satisfying than grinding out code no-one outside your company will ever see, or maintaining 99.99% uptime on your servers for unappreciative non-geeks.

Come and help us protect and promote the open web :-)

2 thoughts on “MoFo Is Hiring

  1. /If you live between the longitudes of Los Angeles and Latvia/

    Do you mean not for Alaskans, Hawaiians, Russians, Indians (of India, not Native Americans), Japanese, Australians, etc.? Or else, not for Americans (of both Americas, but maybe not Alaska or Hawaii), Europeans or Africans? :-P

  2. Yep. Definitely not for Hawaiians, Russians, Indians, Japanese or Australians – or, rather, people resident in those countries (this is geo-discrimination, not racism). We need someone in the same timezone range as the rest of the team. Alaska might be possible.


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