Bugzilla API 0.5 Released

I noticed I forgot to blog this…

Version 0.5 of the Bugzilla REST API has been released.

Note: versions 0.4.1 and below have a security issue[0] which could, under some circumstances, allow one user to impersonate another. If you are specifically using these versions (rather than the “latest” version) please update your client software to use version 0.5.

New In 0.5:

  • Performance instrumentation. I have added code which records how long requests take, so I can see whether the bottlenecks are, if any. If you are having performance issues with the API, please file bugs and tell me what is slow!
  • JSONP support. Use Accept: application/javascript and pass a callback=myfunction parameter, and you will get JSONP served as application/javascript.

Compatibility Notes:

  • The range of content types that the API can return is now restricted

    • YAML-HTML (for browsing) – text/html
    • JSON – application/json
    • JSONP – application/javascript
    • XML (utterly unfrozen!) – application/xml
  • The deprecated “count=1” parameter to bug searches to get a count has been removed.

File bugs | Feedback and discussion

[0] This bug will be opened in a few days.

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