New ‘Feedback’ Flag in Bugzilla now has a new “feedback” flag for attachments (bug). Use this like “review”, but for where you want to get someone’s input on a patch, and that input does not amount to a formal review. This is useful if the patch is a work in progress, or if the person you are asking for feedback is learning to do reviews in your component.

This new flag was Marco Bonardo’s idea and was endorsed by mconnor.

You can request feedback from specific people (obviously) and from multiple people at once. It’s available in all products and components.

One thought on “New ‘Feedback’ Flag in Bugzilla

  1. Awesome!
    Thank you for taking care of this stuff.

    I think it will be pretty useful both to reviewers (especially those with a really long review queue, they can ask feedback to other reivewers before doing the final review, speeding up the process quite a bit) and to developers and designers, to quickly get other people’s feedback on their work, without that meaning a formal review (thus a somehow “perfected” patch/mocku-p).
    It is also a nice replacement for the old “first-pass review” path, and a good way to help new reviewers and speed up the process of bringing a patch to mozilla-central (that is what matters to people willing to contribute).

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