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Want to use decent fonts on the web but worried about cross-browser support or large TTF files?

Enter the FontSquirrel @font-face Generator. You can upload a font, subset it and then get it back as a handy ZIP file containing all of the different formats that different browsers support (EOT, TTF, WOF, SVG). It even gives you the right CSS to include it in your page.

Another option is the Google Font Directory, which seems to be eating some of Typekit‘s lunch (although the site says that they are working with Typekit).

2 thoughts on “@font-face Generator

  1. Typekit, as best I can tell, appears to be aimed at professional sites that are willing to spend some money to deck out their site with fonts that most sites don’t have, including fonts that are not licensed in such a way that would allow just anyone to embed them.

    Google Font Directory, on the other hand, looks to be aimed to increase the number of basic fonts available to everyone, including people who don’t even have real hosting that would let them host their own fonts. The selection is not nearly as large, but you can use the GFD fonts in conjunction with blog hosting sites (like Blogger) and similar services that only let you put up limited content types (typically, HTML and images).

    I mean, yeah, I’m sure there’s some overlap, but on the whole they seem like basically different markets to me.

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