MPL Update: New Changes For Review

We’ve published the first draft of our proposed changes to sections 2 and 3 of the MPL.

In particular, in what I’m sure will be a popular move, we’ve revised and simplified the notification and documentation requirements in section 3 (the part responsible for the boilerplate headers in every file).

We are very interested in feedback! Please do read and comment in the commenting tool.

3 thoughts on “MPL Update: New Changes For Review

  1. Maybe I just haven’t paid attention. But while I have seen some posts about you wanting to modernize and simplify the MPL, I don’t think I’ve seen anything about “why the MPL”. That is, what is it trying to accomplice as opposed to e.g. the LGPL (that seem to be popular ). So it’s kind of hard to give feedback (not that I am qualified).

  2. AndersH: See the FAQ, particularly the section on “altering the scope” (which is a unique feature of the MPL family of licences).

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