7 thoughts on “WordPress.com: Free Video Only

  1. That’s thanks due for support people who don’t have 5 million to waste every year on a stupid codec license :P

  2. That would be handy if you want your video visible to less than 30% of the web.

  3. I’m with pd here, the deliberate decision to make your content unavailable to a portion of the web is not something that makes me easy.
    Freedom is good when you choose it, but trying to force it on others by closing the door on them if they don’t have the proper config ? How much better is it really than trying to force someone to use H.264 ?

    Of course the situation is not all black and white, it’s not just a user choice, diffusing H.264 means that you yourself will have to pay the license (if not yet today, then in future).

    But I feel the minimum at least would be for the page to detects the user won’t be able to display the free format and offer an alternative solution adapted to his case.

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