1000 Reported Bugzilla Installations

I just added the 1000th entry to the Bugzilla Installation List. Almost all of that list (a few were originally found by web trawling) is made up of companies who took the time to get in touch with us and thank us for writing Bugzilla. Which is really encouraging. :-)

I prune the list every few months to remove dead links and defunct companies, but of course we can’t tell if a company stops using Bugzilla and doesn’t tell us. Then again, Max tells me that, from update pings, he can tell that there are at least ten times that number of active installations out there. So the figures have uncertainty in both directions.

Still, it’s a pretty cool milestone.

One thought on “1000 Reported Bugzilla Installations

  1. We use Bugzilla at Dreamwidth! And when I say we, I mean that Dreamwidth is even teaching me to program. Apart from creating a website which I think is cool, they’re trying a novel approach to Open Source software, getting lots of people involved who aren’t at all traditional OS developers. Thanks for making a tool which is an enormous help in dealing with a huge and diverse crowd of volunteers.

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