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The separate Firefox About box credits list has gone away in the new About box design, and so about:credits, the Mozilla project’s permanent project-wide list of contributors, needs to pick up the slack.

If you are in the About box credits list for Firefox 3.6 and not yet in about:credits, or if you think you fit the criteria (see below), please email and we’ll get you added.

We like to give people a “shout out” with a summary of their contributions so far in the checkin comment when checking their names in, something like this:

Tobias Markus : "Contributor to SUMO, plus writing many Litmus, MozMill and Selenium testcases"
Shankar Prasad  "Translating Firefox into Kannada (kn)"
Curtis Bartley : "For making view source not suck, and for building about:support, the tool of SUMO's dreams."

So please do provide one of those.

The criteria for about:credits inclusion is having “made a significant investment of time, with useful results, into Mozilla project-governed activities.” Note “Mozilla project-governed activites” – there are loads of things people do, like telling their friends about Mozilla, which are great things to do but for which we have other sorts of credit mechanism.

If you think I might not recognize your name, providing evidence of your contribution will speed the inclusion process. I will do the additions in batches, so please don’t expect it to happen right away. But I’ll definitely do a batch before the 4.0 release.

4 thoughts on “Credit For Firefox Contributions

  1. Is there a more open way to tell who has been submitted to about:credits? It seems like a lot of duplicated work/effort if the submission is an email with no way of knowing who’s in the pipeline to be submitted.

  2. Hi Gervase:

    Vito Smolej: “For localizing Mozilla Knowledge Base to Slovenian”

    alternative: “for his contributions to localizing Mozilla Knowledge Base and Firefox to Slovenian”

    and one more alternative

    “for his contributions to localizing Mozilla Knowledge Base, Firefox and Firefox Web Site to Slovenian”

    Could well be it is not enough to make the list. That’s fine with me.

    Wish you all the best.


  3. Gen: no. This is for several reasons. Normally, people submit themselves, so there is no issue with duplicate submissions. Also, sometimes I have to reject people, and I would much rather manage that delicate process privately than in public.

    Everyone else: email is preferred to blog comments :-)

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