Poetic Licence (BSD)

Software licences, while important, can be a little dry. I have always thought it would be good if we could make them more readable and interesting. One day a while back, I decided to try this using verse.

So I proudly present my first effort – the BSD Licence (in iambic tetrameter).

7 thoughts on “Poetic Licence (BSD)

  1. Iambic tetrameter couplets no less. That’s even more impressive. :)

    A few points off for a couple extraneous phrases, and for making the second clause less clear than the original, but otherwise A+. Nice job!

  2. Aleksej: It is, in fact, correct English – an expansion would be “…our names, and make it seem as if it is true that…”. I could have used “though”, but I couldn’t think of a decent rhyme.

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