Wedding Present Thanks

Recently, as you may know, I got married to the lovely Ruth. We had a wedding list, and from it, “Your colleagues at Mozilla” gave us a Samsonite suitcase, saying:

Dear Gerv, a suitcase for when we’re pulling you away from Ruth. We hope it won’t be much.

As it happens, the suitcase was for her, not for me! (And I am going to assume that the possibly double-edged nature of that last sentence was due to terseness brought on by limitations of space ;-)

We have just finally finished writing the 150 thank-you letters to all the kind people who helped at the wedding or bought us something. But of course, as I don’t know who specifically to thank for this generous present, we couldn’t send a letter – and so this blog post will have to do :-) Thank you very much!

She will be coming with me to the All Hands in December (and may well be using the suitcase), and so you will get to meet her then :-)

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