Bugzilla API 0.8 Released

Version 0.8 of the Bugzilla REST API has been released.

People deploying installations of 0.8 against their own Bugzillas should take note of the “Upgrading” section below.

New In 0.8

  • Use quicksearch syntax on the /bug search call with the parameter “quicksearch=“.
  • Non-ASCII bug data now works in more places (hopefully everywhere)
  • /configuration data is now cached and you can asked for the cached version if performance is more important to you than freshness; see

  • Bugzilla 4.0rc1 now fully supported

Compatibility Notes

  • “is_url” support for attachments has been removed from Bugzilla, and so from BzAPI (including against older versions of Bugzilla). BzAPI will emulate the backwards-compatibility behaviour of new Bugzillas when it encounters attachments which are URLs.
  • On the Comment object, “author” is now “creator”, to match a change made in the Bugzilla XML-RPC API for version 4.0.
  • Versions 0.6.1 is now no longer available on the api-dev server.

Upgrading Your BzAPI

BzAPI now comes with the patches necessary to install it, in the /patches subdirectory.

Those upgrading from pre-0.8 to 0.8 will need to:

  • Update their Bugzilla to the latest point release of their stable

  • Update their copy of $BUGZILLA_HOME/template/en/default/config.json.tmpl from that in the /patches directory
  • Apply a patch (xmlrpc-fix.diff) to their copy of BZ::Client’s Client.pm if they want bug submission with non-ASCII values for e.g. summary to work.

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