Busiest Mozillians

Now we have the data about who owns what in an editable and computer-readable form, I’ve been writing some scripts (in Ruby!) to analyze it.

One question I thought was interesting was: who is the busiest Mozillian? If we count up the number of times a person appears on the Module Owners list, as either an owner or a peer, we get the following top twelve:

21: Benjamin Smedberg
17: Daniel Boelzle
16: Neil Rashbrook
16: Philipp Kewisch
14: Gavin Sharp
13: Boris Zbarsky
11: Clint Talbert
11: Matthew ‘lilmatt’ Willis
11: David Bienvenu
11: Michiel van Leeuwen
10: Brendan Eich
10: Josh ‘timeless’ Soref

(If you weight being an owner at twice the work of being a peer, the top 3 is still the same, but if you weight it at 3x, Daniel, who hacks on Calendar, overtakes Ben.)

The number of caveats attached to this list is as long as your arm: not all areas of the project are covered by the list; the list is not necessarily up-to-date yet; not all modules are the same size; not all modules are equally strongly owned; being an owner is more work than being a peer, and so on.

But still, it’s yet more indication that Ben Smedberg is awesome :-)

3 thoughts on “Busiest Mozillians

  1. Not sure if owning or peering a lot means being busier than someone who puts in a lot of time into actually coding, QAing, or organizing things…

    But I fully agree in Ben being awesome ;-)

  2. Oh I’d say all of these guys are awesome (and probably overworked, but I’m no judge of that). I’ve noticed them time and again in the bugs I watch (with a couple of exceptions which may be due to my interests not covering the whole gamut of Mozilla products and components), and they were practically always doing something which contributed “positively”. :-)

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